B2.6 How do I copy and paste an image into my Blrt?

You can copy and paste an image into your Blrt by:
  1. Copying the image you want to paste to your devices keyboard then open the Blrt app to start a new Blrt.
  2. When the 'Add pages to Blrt' screen appears tap the add page button (a page with a '+' in the middle). 
  3. When the 'Add media' screen appears select to add an image. 
  4. Tap the 'Paste image' icon on the 'Image' screen, and the copied image should be added to the pages of your Blrt. 

*Note: Be sure you have copied the image and not the image URL.  See 'How do I upload an image using its URL?' for instructions on how to add an image by its URL.

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