B2.10 How do I add a screenshot to my Blrt?

You can add a webpage screenshot to your Blrt by:
  1. Starting a new Blrt.  
  2. When the 'Add pages to Blrt' screen appears tap the add page button (a page with a '+' in the middle). 
  3. When the 'Add media' screen appears select to add a website. 
  4. Now you can either browse and capture the screenshot on-the-go or simply paste the URL or the webpage you want to use on your Blrt.

Alternatively, you can take a shot of what is on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad's screen by:

  1. Holding first the 'home' and then the 'sleep' button at the same time.
  2. If the screenshot captured successfully, you'll hear a camera shutter sound and see a white flash. 
  3. The screenshot is now saved in your Photos Camera Roll.
  4. Start the Blrt app, tap the 'New Blrt' button and select 'Photo Gallery' to pick your image.
  5. Add more pages or continue to the next step to name and record your Blrt.

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