B4.14 What are tags? How do I best use them?

Tagging Blrts:

Tagging Blrts helps you organise your conversations on the app, and make it easier for you and others to sort through, prioritise, and find conversations
You can tag your Blrts very easily during the upload process from your device:
  1. Select the Blrt you want to tag from the Inbox or My Blrts page.
  2. Select the Tag Icon on the Editor Bar at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a tag into the input field (or select one from the previously used) and press Add Tag.
You can also select or add a new tag to your Blrt conversations anytime by tapping on the Tag icon on your Inbox or My Blrts screens.

Filtering conversations:

Alternatively, you can filter your Blrts by tags on both your Inbox and My Blrts screens.
Simply tap on the Tag Icon at the top of the page and select the tags you want to filter by.

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