F1.9 Web player error: Necessary component missing

The following steps apply if you encounter the following error when trying to watch a Blrt in the web player:
Necessary component missing

Follow the steps below to fix this issue:
  1. First, make sure to save any unsaved work in Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to "chrome://components/" in the address bar.

  3. You should see the "pnacl" component in the list. Click "Check for update" under this component.

    If you can't see the "pnacl" component in the list, please contact Blrt Support.
  4.  After clicking the "Check for update" button, the Version may update. If the version still says '' even after updating, your local network may have blocked downloading this component. Please consult your network administrator.
  5. Restart your Chrome browser and try to load the Blrt again.
If the problem persists contact us at Blrt Support via the "Help" tab in the app menu, on the web at help.blrt.com, or via email at support@blrt.com.

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