E1.7 Explanation of Permissions - Blrt for Android

Blrt requires certain permissions from your device in order to provide core Blrt functionality and maintain the best user experience. Some permissions are essential, and others only need to be granted if you want to use a specific feature.

We want to be clear about how the Blrt app uses the permissions you allow it, so please refer to the below outline.

In-app purchases

  • Automatically granted.
  • Allows you to make in-app purchases to upgrade your account.


  • Optional.
  • Requested on first opening the app.
  • Used to streamline the login process by getting your email address from the device.


  • Optional.
  • Requested on opening the Contacts screen in the app.
  • Used to check if people in your contacts are also Blrt users, and allows you to send Blrts to contacts' email addresses.


  • Required.
  • Used to cache data on your device to load Blrts faster when you've already watched them before, and when you're offline. Also used to save photos you take using the app.


  • Required for recording Blrts.
  • Use the device microphone to record the audio for a Blrt. The microphone is only ever accessed while recording a Blrt.


  • This allows us to send you push notifications to get alerted when you receive a Blrt, or any other updates in a conversation. We may rarely also send promotional push notifications.

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