E1.8 Explanation of Permissions - Blrt for iOS

Blrt requires certain permissions from your device in order to provide core Blrt functionality and maintain the best user experience. On Apple devices, extra permissions can be enabled optionally when they are requested. The four optional permissions we request are:

  • Contacts: requested when using the Blrt contacts screen. This permission will allow us to check if people in your device contacts are also Blrt users, and will also allow you to send Blrts directly to a contact's email address.
  • Microphone: requested when recording a Blrt for the first time. This permission is required in order to create a Blrt. We use this permission to access the microphone only while recording a Blrt.
  • Camera: requested when adding media to a Blrt via the device camera. Allows you to take a photo with the device camera to add to a Blrt.
  • Push notifications: requested on first opening the app. This will allow us to send push notifications to your device when you receive new Blrts, or conversations you're part of are updated. We may also rarely send promotional push notifications.

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