C1.1 Setting up the Blrt plugin for Atlassian JIRA

1. Install the Blrt JIRA plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.

2. Get your Blrt Developer keys.

Sign in to the Blrt Developer Control Panel at http://developer.blrt.com. If you don't already have an account, download the app and register for a free Blrt account.

The first time you sign in to the Blrt Developer Control Panel, you will need to apply to be a part of the Blrt Developer Program. Click the Apply button to request access.

Once you have been added to the Blrt Developer Program (within two business days of requesting access), you will see your public and private API keys in the control panel.

3. Configure the Blrt JIRA Plugin.

In your JIRA Administration, navigate to "Add-ons", then "Manage add-ons".

Find the Blrt JIRA Plugin in the list and click "Configure".

Input your public and private keys and save.

The plugin should now be operational.

If you are getting permission errors, check the following.

Make sure that the Blrt JIRA Plugin user (automatically created on plugin install) belongs to a group or project role that has the following permissions in all projects the plugin is being used in:
  • Browse Projects
  • Add Comments

You can change these settings in JIRA Administration > Issues > Permission Schemes.

If you are sure the Blrt JIRA Plugin user has correct permissions but are still seeing an error, check if any Issue Security Schemes are blocking its usage.

If you are still seeing errors, contact Blrt Support.

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