What you'll find in Section F: Troubleshooting.

In this section, you'll find information on general Blrt troubleshooting, including:

1. Audio issues
2. Photo gallery and image upload issues
3. Cloud issues
4. Conversation and sharing issues

If Blrt is behaving in unexpected ways, here are some general things to try: 

  1. Make sure you have a working Internet connection. 
  2. Check if there is an update in the App Store and proceed to install it. If an update is not available or does not fix the problem, then try the next step.
  3. Close the app on iPhone or iPad by pressing the Home Button twice. Swipe sideways to locate the app. Then swipe upward on the app to force-close it and try the app again. 
  4. If closing Blrt doesn’t fix the problem, force close the app again, then power off iPhone or iPad and power the device back on.
  5. If the problem still persists, contact Blrt Support.

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