B2.2 How do I add images from my devices photo gallery?

If you want to Blrt over images added from your devices Photo gallery:
  1. Start a new Blrt.  
  2. When the 'Add pages to Blrt' screen appears tap the add page button (a page with a '+' in the middle). 
  3. When the 'Add media' screen appears select to add an image. 
  4. Tap the 'Photo gallery' icon on the 'image' screen and select the photos/images you want to add.  
  5. Once you've selected the photos you want Tap the 'Done' button in the upper right corner.  

*Note: If you wish to add images from multiple albums in your devices photo gallery once you have selected and added media from one you will have to Tap the circled '+' to select photos from a different album.  

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