B2.3 How do I add an image from Dropbox?

*Note: Dropbox integration requires the free Dropbox app to be installed on your device.  Be sure the media you have selected is the correct file format (.PDF, .png, .jpeg, and .jpg).

If you want to Blrt over images added from Dropbox:

  1. Start a new Blrt.  
  2. When the 'Add pages to Blrt' screen appears tap the add page button (a page with a '+' in the middle). 
  3. When the 'Add media' screen appears select to add an image. 
  4. Tap the 'Dropbox' icon on the 'Image' screen, that will take you into the Dropbox application where you can select the photo/image you wish to add.
  5. Once selected Blrt will download the media and add it as a page in your Blrt.

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