B4. Saving Blrts & starting Blrt conversations

  1. B4.1 How do I save my finished Blrt?

  2. B4.2 How do I add people to my Blrt conversation?

  3. B4.3 How do I share my Blrt conversation?

  4. B4.4 How do I share my Blrt via Email?

  5. B4.5 How do I share my Blrt via Facebook?

  6. B4.6 How do I share my Blrt via Twitter?

  7. B4.7 How do I share my Blrt via SMS/Text Message?

  8. B4.8 How do I send a link/URL to my Blrt conversation?

  9. B4.9 How do I embed a Blrt?

  10. B4.10 Can I share a link to my Blrt conversation with an unregistered user?

  11. B4.11 Can I add an unregistered user to my Blrt conversation?

  12. B4.12 Can I rename a Blrt once it has been saved?

  13. B4.13 How do I allow others in my Blrt conversation to add people?

  14. B4.14 What are tags? How do I best use them?

  15. B4.15 How do I edit the current tags on my Blrt conversation?

  16. B4.16 What is the difference between and public Blrt and a private Blrt?

  17. B4.17 Once a Blrt is private am I able to make it public?

  18. B4.18 Once a Blrt is public am I able to make it private?

  19. B4.19 How do I enable public Blrts in a private Blrt conversation?

  20. B4.20 I can't see one of my flagged conversations.

  21. B4.21 How do I turn conversation email notifications on or off?

  22. B4.22 How do I turn conversation push notifications on or off?

  23. B4.23 How do I archive a Blrt?

  24. B4.24 How do I delete a Blrt conversation?

  25. B4.25 How do I search for a previous, ongoing, or archived Blrt conversation?

  26. B4.26 How do I reply to a Blrt with another Blrt within the same conversation?

  27. B4.27 Do I always have to send a Blrt to start or continue a conversation?

  28. B4.28 How do I check the date and time a Blrt or comment in a conversation was sent?

  29. B4.29 Can I start a new Blrt conversation with an existing Blrt?

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